Our major aim with the Peoples Next Door project is to provide equipping for every church that desires to engage in diaspora missions in their local community. Every church is different, and every community is unique. That means we need strategies that fit those particular settings.

One of the most significant ways to accomplish this is through live consultation. By providing a consultation to local churches, we can help each church develop a plan that fits their church and community. We provide a consultation as a free service for local churches.

What does a consultation look like?

A Peoples Next Door consultation is essentially an initial conversation with church leadership that briefly assesses the church and the community to provide counsel in establishing healthy diaspora missions practices.

These conversations usually take about an hour and consist of questions about the church and any information the church may know about international people groups in their community. After getting to know a little about the church, its current ministries, and desires for diaspora missions, the PND team member can provide some initial suggestions to begin the work in a way that fits the church and community.

A church does not need to have extensive (or any) knowledge of people groups nearby to begin this work or have a consultation, as part of the process is discovering if any groups are nearby.

Who does a consultation?

This conversation may take place by video or a phone call and will be with one of our Peoples Next Door team. Our team of practitioners is growing, and we desire to connect churches with a member of our team who is closest to their region. Members of the PND team all have practical experience in a local church setting engaging people groups in gospel ministry and are passionate about helping other churches start this process. Each is familiar with the materials and processes available here on the PND website and can help a church navigate the initial phases of starting something at their own church.

How to Request a Consultation

You may request a consultation for your church in one of two ways. First, you can find a list of our current team members on our Team Page. From there, you can contact any team member directly for a consultation. Our recommendation would be to connect with the team member closest to your church. Alternatively, you can click the button below, and we will select a team member for you and they will reach out to you and set up your consultation.

Request a Consultation