Go and Tell ESL Courses

Using ESL effectively for Diaspora Missions

Imagine ESL that does not require people to come to the building but instead goes to them. What if, instead of hanging fliers all over town and seeing who shows up, a “go and tell” strategy sends members out into the community to discover and engage people group communities. Upon meeting new communities that have individuals who could use English lessons, these members can then offer to provide such training. This is where it gets good, though. Instead of asking them to come to the church building once a week for a class with a bunch of people they do not know, these church members can offer to provide this class right in their home! By taking the ESL course to the homes of families in these people group communities, the ministry ratchets up a notch.


Podcast Episode on Go & Tell ESL Strategy

Listen to this podcast for an overview and argument for the benefits of using this approach to English courses in local church outreach.